Mark ThunderWolf      

                                      "Breath Of The Ancients”


The Breath of the Ancients ~ Native American Flute


Mark ThunderWolf Is Proud To Offer His New

“Signature Series” Flutes!!


Mark's is now offering his newest "Signature Series" Flutes, which have been tuned in the keys of
Mid “D” and Mid "E."  These are two of Mark’s preferred keys to perform and record with!
Mark has commissioned Mad Max of Mad Max Flutes, to create this unique series of flutes.
Each flute features Mark’s unique  mouthpiece design, his personal ThunderWolf Fetish design,
and various types of carefully selected wood for the action insert to aid in creating a resonating sound.
Each one is also  signed with Mark’s ThunderWolf logo. The end of each flute is uniquely
designed and hand cut to give a unique "ThunderWolf" appearance.

You can be assured that you will not be disappointed with any of these flutes!  Mark has searched for
many years to find the right Artisan to bring his personal design to life.  The tuning and sound of every
flute that Max makes is set to absolute perfection!! 



Unique Flute Feature Close-Ups


                                                   Close-up Of ThunderWolf Fetish                         Close-up Of "Rough Cut Wolf Shape"
                                                                & Logo Signature                                                          End Of Flute
                                                                                                                                                       (Mid "D" Flutes Only)



Aromatic Cedar Flute with Purple Heart Mouthpiece,
Mahogany ThunderWolf Fetish and Mahogany Action Insert, in Mid “D”

Flute MM-106
$325 as Shown 

  Order Here Now!



Genuine Mahogany Flute with Bloodwood Mouthpiece,
Bloodwood ThunderWolf Fetish and Bloodwood Action Insert, in Mid “D”

Flute MM-107
$425 as Shown 

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Australian Blackwood Flute with Brazilian Cherry Mouthpiece,
Brazilian Cherry ThunderWolf Fetish and Brazilian Cherry Action Insert, in Mid “D”

Flute MM-108
$525 as Shown 

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Lyptus Flute with Brazilian Cherry Mouthpiece,
Brazilian Cherry ThunderWolf Fetish and Brazilian Action Insert, in Mid “E”

Flute MM-202
$445 as Shown 

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I’m now home and found your flute healthy and in best shape waiting for me here. 

It is a very special and great instrument! Beautiful to look at and so clear and pure in tone, spot-on in intonation and playability. And with an enormous dynamic range and expressivity, what’s in my opinion important especially in a flute with a strong personality. It’s quite different from my other flutes in the middle-low range and a great complement to them.

This flute will have a special place in my collection also, because I had to bring my elderly mother to the hospital after she had a stroke attack in the night of my return. The first flute I played afterwards to express my feelings was Mark’s flute. And it responded so greatly and sensitively to all the emotions I blew into it – a true Native American Flute at its best. Because, although playing also some other instruments, that’s for me the unique quality of the NAF: to be able to express in so simple and deep going, healing ways the feeling one puts into them.

So, I would like to thank Mark, Mad Max and you very much for helping that this flute has found me. It may well be that I’ll return to a ThunderWolf Signature flute of another type sometime in future. Thank Mark also for his beautiful music on the CDs. I’m certainly going do follow his further developments and productions. I wish him and you all the best on your paths!

With best thanks and regards,

Doelf Weder

St. Gallen, Switzerland

April 30, 2012



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